May 9, 2011

Making Sure All Kids Have Access To A College Education

Kati Haycock is one of the nation's leading child advocates in the field of education. She currently serves as director of the Education Trust. Prior to coming to the Education Trust, Haycock served as executive vice president of the Children's Defense Fund, the nation's largest child advocacy organization. A native Californian, Haycock founded and served as president of The Achievement Council, a statewide organization that provides assistance to teachers and principals in predominately minority schools in improving student achievement.
Later this month, the US Senate will act on a matter of grave importance to America's future: whether to preserve full funding for the Pell Grant, which has for decades made it possible for American families of modest means to send their children to college and for college graduates to earn teaching credentials.
Without full funding, the maximum grant will be reduced from about $5500 per year to $3000, or even less, with devastating effects on students and families. Especially now, when both parents and teachers have been focusing like never before on preparing students for college, it will be a crushing defeat if the federal government turns its back on helping students and families with the costs of post-secondary education.
By raising your voice now, you can help send a strong message to the Senate about maintaining support for Pell. Tell them our children's minds are too important to waste.
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