Mar 15, 2011

Save Great Teachers Map Launches

StudentsFirst launched an interactive map that enables you to not only find out how your state handles teacher layoffs, but also empowers you to do something about it. You can email your governor and legislative leaders and urge them to Save Great Teachers by ending "last in, first out" (LIFO). 
With huge budget shortfalls in 44 states across the country, teacher layoffs are inevitable. Today, we stand to lose a minimum of 160,000 effective teachers because their performance will play no role in layoff decisions. This hurts kids in a number of ways and creates a negative outlook on their life trajectories. Layoffs have already begun, and students and great teachers around the country are already feeling the negative impact of LIFO.
LIFO makes absolutely no sense. Why gamble with our children’s future, when we can quickly enact laws that guarantee we Save Great TeachersContact your state leaders today!

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