Sep 17, 2011

More D.C. Teachers Taking Bonuses [Or, Many Are Not, But We'll Ignore Them]

Congratulations are in order to the more than teachers in Washington, D.C. who were deemed highly effective this past year and were eligible for significant bonuses. Nearly three-fourths of those eligible for the bonuses took them this year -- up from last year. The news was reported by WAMU Radio's Kavitha Cardoza:
The number of "highly effective" D.C. Public School teachers offered and accepting bonuses has increased this year. This year, 670 teachers were eligible for bonuses and 70 percent of them accepted the money, a 10 percent increase over last year.

Jason Kamras, who oversees the bonus program, says there were a variety of reasons for the hike. "We have a track record of paying these things and that's something DCPS has struggled with in the past," Kamras says. "And I think, second, people are recognizing that the strings that were attached were not too limiting.
Read more about it here: Teacher Bonuses.

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