Sep 17, 2011

StudentsFirst Launches Teacher Fellowship Program [Or, We're Desperate]

We're thrilled to announce that the StudentsFirst Fellowship Program got off the ground this week in Sacramento, where the fellows came together to exchange ideas about reforming the nation's schools so they work better for kids.

Our fellows and senior fellows will serve as advocates for student-focused education reform and will help build momentum around the call for change nationally. They'll continue to work in their schools, while also helping our grassroots effort to give all children the schools they need and deserve.

The fellows include four educators from across the country. They join StudentsFirst Senior Fellow, George Parker, whose role was previously announced. Parker is a former teacher and president of the Washington Teachers Union.

The four fellows work in both traditional public and public charter schools and have taught for a combined 42 years.

We are confident these standout educators who will help inform our thinking about how to improve the nation’s education system.

The StudentsFirst fellows include: Dr. Michele Jahnke, a veteran teacher and a high school dean of students in Merrill, Wisconsin; Dr. Kadhir Rajagopal, a high school math teacher and author who was named California teacher of the year; Gina Wickstead, a middle school language arts and social studies teacher in Seattle; and Kristen Briggs, who teaches special education at a public charter high school in Philadelphia.

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